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This Maltipoo From New York Goes Viral Due to His Posing Talent

Sometimes, pets are really smart to the extent that they can pose just like a human! Agador the Maltipoo is definitely one of the top influencers in the pet world.

We have seen quite a few furkids that can pose when it comes to photography, but being able to pose so well just like a human is definitely on the next level! Meet Agador, a Maltipoo that based in New York City!

Credit: PoochofNYC

Also known as the Pooch of NYC or, the “Bob Ross of dogs,” Agrador is said to have the paw-fectly molded fro that bears striking similarities to the iconic painter.

If you have noticed, his enviable hair is what makes him so special and famous — perfect length with the perfect shape. Can you imagine how well do you need to maintain the fur?!

Credit” PoochofNYC

Sometimes Agador also does collaboration with another version of himself, his little mini-me and partner in crime @littlefreddietinkles. The two of them are just natural poser in front of the camera!

Aside from his “model” career, Agador also does tons of activities to pamper himself, which include wine tasting, shopping and snacking. Ahhh, living a better life than us!

Credit: PoochofNYC
Credit: PoochofNYC

As you might be wondering, how did they trained the four and two-year-old pooches to hold their hilarious poses?

“We taught them when they were very young,” Francis told the Rachael Ray Show.

But, he did also mention that Agador naturally began posing with one paw up from a young age, so it was just a case of encouraging her to keep on doing it.

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