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How Often Should You Shower Your Dog?

Just gotten your first dog in your life? Then you must have face the same problem, wondering how often should you shower your furkids. Fret not, continue reading to learn more!

We human shower once per day, but should ur furkid do the same? 🐶 The answer is no! Generally furkids should only take shower once a week depending on their hair length, activity level and skin conditions. However, it is advised that dog owner should at least bathe your dog at minimum once a month! When in doubt, shower your furkids when they start to smell 😉

before and after shower
Before and After showering!

So why should you bath your dogs? Here are some of the benefits:
🐕 Bathing removes dirt and odours from his skin and coat.
🐕 Frequent bathing is necessary to heal inflamed or infected skin and damaged hair.
🐕 Minimizing medication

Besides hygiene issue, bathing your dog is also a good chance to check for ticks & fleas, scratches, hot spot and other abnormalities! These things are easier to see when their hair is wet and flat against their body 🤭

For dogs with fungal or yeast infections, frequent bathing helps kill the infectious organisms and parasites! So if you noticed that your dogs belong to the sensitive kind, remember to bath them consistently so that they can be healthier! 🐶

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