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Golden Retriever Thoughts That She Is The Mother Of Rescued Baby Goats

Meet Loryn, a golden retriever that has been raised by farmers and is constantly helping the owner to take care of all the animals there. Loryn has also been convinced that she’s the mother of a few rescued baby goats who recently came to her owner’s farm!

Golden cuddle with goat
Credit: life_of_Loryn

The owner, Andrea Holley told The Dodo in an interview that “Goats are the most loving, easygoing creatures”. “They loved Loryn right away. They are together all day, every day.”

The goats names are Mia, Henry, Delilah and Daisy Mae, and they fell in love with Loryn at first sight. They usually are cuddling, napping and chasing each other around at the day time, and Loryn never, ever lets them out of her sight.

Lory took on her role as their ‘mother’ very seriously, constantly keeping an eye on her kids and making sure that they were healthy and happy.  She would also cuddle them, keeping an eye on them to ensure they are getting along well as they explored the farm together.

Loryn and her family was able to give Delilah and Daisy Mae a permanent home from their old farm.

Previously, the babies were still very young and have to be bottle-fed, they spent a lot of time in a playpen in Holley’s house, and Loryn loves to stand over it, watching her charges and catching them if they happen to hop out.

Even though that they are not related by blood, Loryn’s love for them is like no other — she very much gave them the same kind of loves and cares just like they are their own puppies.

Now that all the goats have grown up and don’t need the same amount of care anymore, Loryn’s been stepping in as a foster mom for many of the other little animals who’ve arrived at the farm. Whether they happen to be goats, puppies, or kittens, Loryn is a natural mother to them all.

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Let’s wish Loryn for the best!

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