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Credit: Munir Mohd

Beautiful Story Of Malaysian Postman And Dutiful Doggo

Often time, dogs and postal workers do not get along well due to the reasons that dogs are known as the hazard to their job. However, this postman in Perak has shown otherwise!

Meet Lenggong-based postman Mohd Munir Mohd Yusof, where he has formed a great bond with a dog on a neighbourhood that will retrieves the mail to be handed to its owner without fail! What a doggo!

It’s been 4 years since Mohd Munir Mohd Yusof befriended the pet dog of a Kampung Sira resident. He mentioned to Malaymail in an interview that the dog would growl and be fierce to him when he first started his job in that area 4 years ago, but the attitude changed a week after.

“I was initially surprised at its friendliness,” said the postman who has been stationed in Lenggong for four years.

“Like any dogs, it would growl at me. But after a week, it changed its attitude and started taking mail from me.” He also mentioned that he will have mails delivered to the owner as frequent as 3 times a week.

“Maybe he got used to me coming to the house almost everyday,” he said adding that he did not bribe the dog with food to get the animal to help him, unlike what others have said on the social media.

Recently Munir posted a video on social media showing how the dog would be his ‘helper’! Watch the video below 

Today we learnt that most doggo will be your friend once they know you! Lets hope their friendship will last forever

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