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Gentle Golden Made A Great Bond With Butterflies In His Garden

Meet Milo – The most gentle, sweet and adorable soul! Milo loves to help out his mother on everything, especially works around their garden. As we all know, flower and plants around the garden will usually attract a lot of insects, especially butterflies. And guess what happens when Milo sees it? He quickly become friends with all of the backyard butterflies!

According to an interview with The Dodo by Milo’s mum, she mentioned that they grow lots of food and flowers in their garden so it is a wonderland for butterflies.

“Two years ago we started raising monarchs, which has been so fun. Milo loves to watch all the butterflies fly around.” 

Jen Bennett told The Dodo

The butterflies surprisingly loved Milo, too, and often will land on his nose to be friend. Whenever they do that, he will be very gentle and let them perch on him for as long as they’d like.

“He is always patient when they land on him,” Bennett said. “He sees their process with me, from baby caterpillars to chrysalis then to butterflies. He knows they are our friends. He loves hanging out with the butterflies. We check the butterflies every morning.” 

Milo has always been so photogenic in front of a camera, so when the butterflies started landing on him, it was super easy to capture a bunch of amazing photos of Milo and his butterfly friends. 

“We had millions of painted lady butterflies that migrated through our garden,” Bennett said. “It was like a cloud of butterflies coming though. He just kept looking up at them in wonder. Looking back and forth so fast to not to miss any!” 

Milo formed a great bond with his butterfly friends and he loves them so much. Let’s hope Milo can continue to be such a gentle baby!

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